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Frequency & Vibration

Everyday we are exposed to sounds. This could be sounds of the birds, the trickling of rain, the hum of traffic, rustling of leaves, the buzz of a streetlamp. To some they are just sounds. However, if you slow down

and really listen, you'll realise just how they influence our well-being everyday. It is an interaction between the environment, and ourselves. Ourselves, and the environment. Everything is in communication.

Listen to Rock 'n' Roll, and you will probably find hints of dejection, angst, betrayal. Listen to Mozart and you may find hints of upliftment, joy, ecstasy. Now, there isn't anything right or wrong about either. Simply put, both are frequencies on a band width of frequency. We are here to experience, for some they came to experience the "low" slower frequencies on the band width. For some, the "high" faster frequencies. Again, there is no right or wrong way, better or worse way, to experience.

However, when a person feels stuck, frustrated, depressed, or ill. This can be an indication that they need to move on from a particular story, memory, attitude, or habit. This is where the benefits of Sound Healing come in useful. Sound Healing helps people come back into balance, with a restored sense of peace, harmony, and insight, uniquely appropriate for them. However, it is by no means the only complementary medicine to aid in the healing process.

Now, I am not going to tell you that the only way to heal, is to have someone else heal you, because that simply isn't true. We ALL, have the gift of healing, and only you can initiate your healing process, with whatever path you feel called to journey on. However, there is a quality innate within humans that is fundamentally social, and that is what makes this opportunity I am offering so important.

So, what I offer you today. Is a question. Are you happy with your life right now? Do you feel well in yourself? Are you living the "dream"? If your answer is "no" to any of these questions. Then it could be the time to make a change, a change of frequency & vibration. To come back into balance with your true, authentic, soul path, that is utterly unique to you.

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