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At Sound Healing with Brandon, the healing work is done with an awareness of Hering's Law of Cure, and an understanding of the fundamental levels of the Human Energy Field.

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The Etheric / Physical, Emotional, and Mental levels are predominantly addressed during sessions. If you close your eyes, and imagine an egg around you, and that egg having layers upon layers - you may begin to feel the sensation of your Human Energy Field.

Healing is done to heal from within out, and reverse symptoms in the order in which they came. This is a completely unique process for each person, and there are no guarantees that Sound Healing with Brandon will cure diseases. However, people I have worked with in the past have claimed to recognise improvements in their health and well-being post session(s).

By combining this understanding with the Indian affiliation of specific sounds with specific energy centres within the Human Energy System. The healing energy carried through the sound is translated in a way that is informed and appropriate to what areas are being treated, for optimum results.

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